Appimage updates and drivers

Is it at all possible to appimage drivers and system updates.

One thing I’ve always hated about Linux is, it’s use of repositories and package managers. No matter the distro you’ll always be stuck using those methods to install software. I know a lot of people like this about Linux but please understand I don’t. Appimage is a great way to run software and I really like but software will always need to be installed. So can appimage be rigged to install software such and drivers and system updates?

As the name implies, AppImage is for applications only. The system continues to be managed by the distribution. But check out SystemImageKit which uses filesystem images for the system, similar to what AppImage does to apps.

What about it this process do you hate and why?

I found this it looks complicated

There are many reasons I have for not liking the repo system. However I’m hesitant to go into it because it often leads to arguments. The short and sweat of it is that I don’t’ like using command line or app stores to install software. I prefer using websites. Make of that what you will but I’m not changing my mind.

What if the website you are downloading from is a store that provides downloads of AppImages to run? You’d have the individual app approach you want for downloading and using but there is still a store that provides the aggregation of the apps.