Hi and some questions

Hi, first of all, please excuse my not-too-good english and if my questions are too basic, primarily. I’m new with Linux (but not too new in age) so I have some questions about using AppImage:

1 - When I entered first time this site I saw some videos explaining how to install and use AppImage files but now I’m not find them anymore. I’m not sure it was a topic (or thread) or some kind of welcome page. Could you help me to find that again so I could take notes in the old fashion way: pen and paper?

2 - As far as I understood, programs wrote in AppImage format don’t be installed. Sometimes I’m far from the city, in a country side little house, so I don’t have Internet access. Can I use them if I’m not connected to Internet?

If it helps, the programs I intend to install are Inviska Mediainfo and Inviska MKV extract.

Thank you in advance

Renato M. Lazzari

Hi and welcome to AppImage. Glad you are here!

This is the short version:

Here is the full documentation: