AppImage can't start because "already running"

I am trying to start an AppImage on OpenSUSE MicroOS (immutable version of Tumbleweed).

This has failed at first because of missing fuse in the default install. I installed fuse using sudo transactional-update pkg install fuse

Now when I try to start the AppImage I get this error:

server.mainserver: Core dumps enabled
server.mainserver: Already running, exiting...
server.mainserver:  args size: 1
server.mainserver: args 0 : "/tmp/.mount_kDrivecg0Xy3/AppRun.wrapped" 

What do?

Do you have libfuse2 (important: version 2) installed? It can be installed alongside version 3 on most distributions.

Also, does this happen with all AppImages?

Yes, and no. So I think it’s an issue with this specific Appimage.

Which AppImage are we talking about, where can it be downloaded for testing?

It’s this one: Download the kDrive app for PC, Mac, iOS or Android

I encountered this problem always on OpenSUSE MicroOS (with libfuse2 installed using transactional-update), as well as sometimes but not always on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed in a Distrobox/Podman container (with fuse & libfuse2 installed using zypper - worked initially but stopped working after an update) and Fedora Kinoite 37 (worked once, then never again until upgrading to Fedora 38).

It does work perfectly fine in a normal OpenSUSE Tumbleweed install and seems to work fine in Fedora Kinoite 38. So probably it’s more of a distro problem, still weird though.

Does this also happen with other AppImages on MicroOS?

Also, I don’t think Already running, exiting... is a message that’s coming from the AppImage runtime.