About how to create Appimage from different distributions

This is the problem.

I’m using Appimage Builder with success on Ubuntu/Mint (recipe based on apt:bionic)
But my recipe fail on fedora with a message error about PATH

The beautifull thing will be to be able create the appimage from apt even if I’m on a fedora distrib… I was thinking the apt tools was strored in the appimagebuilder and keep my own system apt ou of the process.

The goal of all of that : allow Gambas IDE Users to be able to generate an AppImage with few clicks, and then share their app with this great way.

Thank you for your help

Have you tried pkg2appimage?

I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’ll work on any distro and fetch the appropriate dependencies from Ubuntu repositories

Anyway, what’s the PATH error you’re getting exactly? It may be just a bug

pkg2appimage is really a last resort tool and should not be used if avoidable.

As for Gambas, it would be best if someone would make a specific deployment tool for it, like the ones at