Help with pkg2appimage

Hi, i am studying code of pkg2appimage, but, i had some problems to reproduce the AppDir creating. I managed download dependencies, extract packages with dpkg-deb, but, when i tried create AppDir its don’t run. :disappointed_relieved:

For create AppDir i tried:

  1. glib-compile-schemas
  2. move /libs to usr/libs
  3. execute path_usr function

I am trying create a appimage of lxterminal and congratulations this in ubuntu with pkg2appimage, but, with the same deb packages, apprun, icon and .desktop don’t have success… i am 5 days trying but have the “undefined symbol” problem with cairo lib… My question is: What is missing? :thinking:

Hi @emmanuelncb and welcome to AppImage. Please ask the author of lxterminal to provide an officially-supported AppImage of lxterminal.

pkg2appimage is really just a relatively hackish tool and a last-resort way of making AppImages if the original author refuses to do it.

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