Why is all this command line stuff necessary?

In recent Linux releases, there has been an undeniable effort to FORCE all users to the terminal. Appimage is a good example of this trend. I have been trying all day to just delete all appimages from my computer, and then totally eliminate the ability to use appimages permanently. Every webpage I look at requires the use of the command line. I DON’T WANT TO PLAY YOUR GAME ANYMORE! How do I get out of this quagmire?

Linux is really becoming unusable BECAUSE of projects like Appimage! What was wrong with Synaptic?

English is not my language

this is caused by irresponsible people who call themselves “Linux blog editors for beginners”

No, AppImage is not a example… you can definitely run AppImages without a single terminal line:

  1. Right click on the AppImage file
  2. Click on “Properties” and " Permissions "
  3. Check “Allow to run this file as executables”

And is done

As said above, this is not fault of AppImage

Everything, you can break entire your system with 3 clicks

The command line is not needed to use AppImages at all.
Just download, make executable, and double click to run.