Where is the Qt conf file?


When I run KDevelop 5.1.0’s AppImage, it ignores the Qt conf file of the user I use in my system (Debian 8) (which resides in ~/.config/Trolltech.conf). Where, then, is the Qt conf file that the AppImage uses? I wish to change the default Qt font so that it changes e.g. the font used for the menus in KDevelop.


Hi @YaronCT, the KDevelop AppImage uses its own qt.conf file which may override your Trolltech.conf file. Please discuss this with the KDevelop developers. One option might be to do what linuxdeployqt does, i.e., find a solution involving patching qt_prfx rather than using a custom qt.conf.

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Thanx @probono, I’ve asked also in the KDevelop forum, but if I don’t get a reply I’ll also ask the KDevelop developers.

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