Where do AppImages store data?

Where do AppImages store data? Is data stored the system such that data remains after removing an AppImage, is data stored inside the AppImage itself, or is every AppImage different?

Hello @schnappi, AppImages are just self-mounting filesystem images that execute whatever their author has decided to put inside. The application inside an AppImage will hence store data wherever the application would store data if it wasn’t inside an AppImage. Typically somewhere in $HOME.

Removing the AppImage will not remove any data the application has written.

Hi. I have a question that I see as similar to this question and your answer. I have installed an Appimage of Thunderbird. It somehow never saw the Default Profile that was stored under /home/user/.thunderbird. Based on your answer it should have. All of my email accounts had to be installed and Address Book Imported. My Message Filters I am still working on how to get them working.
Given what you say I must have created some new settings/profile under my ~/.thunderbird folder and I need to know more about that. Can you explain it for me?