Unofficial AppImage Edge Browser for GNU/Linux (dev)

Unofficial AppImage Microsoft Edge for GNU/Linux

  • Script compatible with distributions based on Debian

This sequence of commands will download the necessary files and execute them to generate the Unofficial Edge Browser AppImage, then you can access the buildMicrosoftEdge / out folder and click on the generated appimage.

  • Microsoft Edge Dev

mkdir buildMicrosoftEdge;cd buildMicrosoftEdge;wget; mv pkg2appimage;chmod +x;wget;ARCH=x86_64 ./ microsoft-edge-dev.yml

Thanks – that’s great. Also works on Fedora 33, needs dpkg and binutils.

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Hi @cmatomic it works for me on Ubuntu-type systems. Well done :+1:

Now that there are three or so versions of Edge in the Microsoft download directories, the script downloads all of them and then builds the appimage with the earliest version. However, you can simply delete all but the latest version in the download directory (look for the *.deb files) while the latest is downloading, then the script uses the first one it finds (the latest, or whichever you leave there).

should download only one?


DLD=$(wget -q "" -O - | grep deb | tail -n 1 | cut -d '"' -f 2)
wget -c "$DLD"

should do the trick.

Could not get it to work in mint 20

I apologize for the delay the problem has been fixed

How did you fix it? Please let us know.