Please support "desktop" files with specification version upto 1.5

Thats the latest version for over an year now.
Shouldn’t change anything to appimage except the version checking function.

The AppImage format is designed so that AppImages can run on older systems as well. Hence we require desktop files to be Version 1.0 compatible. Newer versions of the desktop file specification may lead to desktop files which do not pass verification on older operating systems, and provide no added value to the AppImage format.

Thanks, it’s very nice to have this as the default.

But developers should be able to overwrite this for their own applications.
Please make it a warning and not an error, enforcing it is wrong design and a wrong view on how the software world evolves.

Forward and backward compatibility is a duty of FreeDesktop org and so far they did it correctly.

Since AppImages are supposed to run on as may systems as possible, our tools are using the “lowest common denominator” which is version 1.0 of the Desktop Entry Specification. Such desktop files should work fine on both older and newer Linux distributions.