Mark Shuttleworth's Opinion of AppImages

Mark Shuttleworth took to Google+ to discuss the changes for Ubuntu regarding the dropping Unity announcement . . . I took the opportunity to ask him about AppImages as a format. The following is a quote from that thread.

Mark Shuttleworth:
AppImages are a pretty clean experience and I admire the work behind them. Snaps are more complex under the hood because they have deeper integration and security goals.

I then asked him about Ubuntu supporting AppImages if DEs were to support AppImages as a format.

Mark Shuttleworth:
If GNOME / KDE were to make support for AppImages a first-class thing, then we would follow in the distro, though I think we would probably want to caution users appropriately regarding security.


Thanks @MichaelTunnell, very interesting indeed!

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Has any DE expressed any interest in making AppImage integration?

is one that I am aware of.

Relevant discussion also happening at GNOME:

@probono It is hard to say what GNOME is thinking at any point because just a week prior to that issue post they also posted this:

I don’t think they will integrate it if they just recently considered removing the ability to do it entirely.

Yes, they rolled it back.

Well, This makes the need for Launching System even more.
The more I think about it the more I see the PortableApps model is just perfect for AppImage.
When I say model I mean the launcher and putting all of them in one library and having dedicated .home .config per AppImage (Which the launcher will take care of).