PHP in an AppDir

Hi, in the docs cmake and qmake examples are given. What would be the best way to put PHP into an AppDir which uses autotools (Searched for CMake for PHP and the stuff I found was from 13 years ago PHP: Index of /php/cmake)?
Will ./configure --prefix=AppDir ... work?

I am also thinking of running PHP, PHP-FPM and other binaries from an AppDir and not an AppImage, because I did not see info about several binaries in one AppImage. Can binaries be run in AppDirs using the dependencies therein like in an AppImage file?
Is performance lost due to the fuse mount of the AppImage versus running the binaries sitting in a “normal” folder?

Thanks in advance!

Moved on, seems there is no support here. Anyone stumbling upon this, I would advice the same.
Hi and bye AppImage. :wave:

Hello @michacassola. This is a community based support forum.
Apparently no one here knows how to build PHP. I don’t have any experience with it. Sorry. You would need to ask the PHP authors whether the support ./configure --prefix=..., or to simply try it out.