Linux Air Combat now available as AppImage

Linux Air Combat, or “LAC” is a high performance combat flight simulator for LINUX that simulates World War II air combat over the Internet. Download the AppImage directly from the developer here:

Further details here:


Hello @bbosen. Thanks for posting.

I have added a test at

If it succeeds, it will be placed into

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Thanks for trying to help. Never having used github, I find their instructions loaded with incomprehensible jargon, so I can’t figure out how to get them to add the Linux Air Combat appimage to

I poked around on the “test” page you created. It looks like the test failed somehow. It reports:

“The job running on runner GitHub Actions 2 has exceeded the maximum execution time of 10 minutes. The operation was canceled.”

I’m not sure what that error message means and I can’t explain any report of failure, since I know of hundreds of people that have had success with the LAC Appimage on a wide variety of X86 Linux distros. (I’ve had THOUSANDS of downloads without complaint, and I’ve personally verified success on every X86 distro I’ve tested. It just works!)

The only glitch any users have reported has been that they need to execute the AppImage from a bash shell. It seems most distros don’t execute it from a simple mouse click… Could THAT cause the “failure” referenced above?

It could well be a bug in our test; I have not quite found out yet what is causing it.

Probono: I am VERY pleased to hear that you haven’t given up on this.

I suspect that there are a lot of people that would switch from Windows to Linux if they knew they could find just one good combat flight simulator that runs well on an older PC running one of the popular LINUX distros. I know that the AppImage of Linux Air Combat fills that bill. Listing it on AppImageHub will go a long way to encourage them.

THANKS for your continued attention!