libQt5Core bloated

I use linuxdeployqt to create AppDir and noticed that it grows libQt5Core significantly.
Size of libQt5Core before linuxdeployqt is 4 MB, and after is 6,2 MB.

What does linuxdeployqt do to that library?

Additional info:

  1. OS is Ubuntu 16.04
  2. libQt5Core is stripped before linuxdeployqt
  3. Qt is 5.14.2
  4. size of other Qt libraries like e.g. libQt5Network is not affected by linuxdeployqt

linuxdeployqt uses patchelf to set search paths for libraries, maybe it is an issue with patchelf?

Maybe. I tried to patchelf libQt5Core myself before linuxdeployqt and it increases size but not that much.

I even build patchelf in the latest version myself to rule out any known issues.

There must be something that linuxdeployqt does to libQt5Core only.

Not that I am aware of.

This is interesting, can you please open a ticket in the linuxdeployqt project and show a way how to reproduce this. Thanks!

So you cannot reproduce/observe the same in one of your AppImages?

I’ve seen worse bugs in patchelf than increasing binary size… so I don’t see this as super critical, especially since AppImages use compression anyway. Feel free to look into it though.