JRiver Media Center - Level of device access

I’d like to have this program in an AppImage file, so I wrote a post in the corresponding company forum.
This comercial software is great for managing a huge library of audio files and then you can play them.
This is what I wrote:

“Can you create an AppImage file to make it easier to install on all Linux versions?
It would be much easier! Thanks!”

This is what they answered:

“AppImage doesn’t support the level of device access the program needs.”

Are they right?

Hello and welcome to AppImage. Thanks for suggesting the author of the application to make an AppImage, which is a great thing our users can do to support the AppImage project.

They are definitely not right because AppImage does not restrict what an application can do in any way. After all, an AppImage is really just a self-mounting filesystem that, when executed, runs whatever its developer has put inside it.

Maybe they are confusing it with Snappy (by Canonical) or Flatpak (by Red Hat) which come with mandatory sandboxing.