Is appimaged run locally or centraly?


is appimaged run locally by an individual user or as a central daemon for all users? From the documentation it looks like its intended to be run by each user, which is fine for appimages stored in a the users home folder, but for appimages moved to /opt o some other central location it makes more sense for appimaged to be run centrally.

Thanks in advance for any guidance


Yes, this is currently the only implemented and tested method. Since appimaged runs per user, it runs only while a certain user is logged in. So should not make a big difference. But it enables the user also to use per-user AppImages, which we want to encourage - so that the user can get software without needing a root password.


Thanks, that makes sense, and while I get and support letting users use per-user AppImages, to me it makes more sense if appimagd was a central service that allowed for both centrally installed root apps and user installed apps. That would make AppImage even easier to use.