If I empty the exclude lists, can I use images built from unstable in old distributions?

So what I’m really after is a way to build up to date application packages for a really old system I can’t modify.

If I remove everything in the various exclude lists, are there still dependencies missing that might not be in a 5-10 year old minimal distribution of Linux?

I might just try, but unless I want to try and specify architecture I would need to do it on a 10 year old ARM device which I don’t expect to be terribly fast.

Edit: Wait, I tried specifying ARCH=armhf and that resulted in some error. Doesn’t seem to work. Nevermind.

Please check “AppImages that bundle everything”.

The ideas described there may work, but will require some manual work to build such AppImages. The AppImage team is currently not working actively on this, as we encourage application developers to develop against and build for the oldest still-supported target systems.

If there is enough interest, maybe someone will write a plugin for linuxdeploy one day.

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