How to use the same mount point when exists?!?

With your previous help I created my AppImage. My app is an text editor (to make easier my every day programming).

My editor works in following way:

  • In order to open new file new instance of my app is running.
  • If there is no my editor instance or it is not running on specific desktop then this instance is running as standalone.
  • If there is old instance of my editor (on specific desktop) then my app pass list of files to previously running app.
    This mean that with every file openning AppImage is unpacked and mounted to local system. This is stupid as hell because this file system is read only.
    To my mind AppImage will be far better if it could share mounted AppImage for the same app.
    I mean: it will be realy perfect because Snap (main competitor) suffers with performance when it run e.g. Libre Office - I asume this is due to sand box proxy for file operations. I don’t notice things like this in AppImage.
    So: Is this possible (some how) to share mounted directory across the same programs?

If you want only one instance of the AppImage to be mounted, then you need to modify your application so that only one instance of your application will run at the same time. (Firefox did this for a long time.)

No. It is just mounted, but not “unpacked”.