How to run an AppImage?

Hello, I’m new.

The “How to run an AppImage” presents how to set permissions but doesn’t say how to run an appimage. Disclosure: I’m currently running the Thunderbird appimage with no problems. I added it to the Linux Mint-Cinnamon menu. But launching an appimage from a command line doesn’t appear to work. What do you make of this?

[code]mark@mark-VirtualBox /media/mark/TBird Linux $ ls
total 113753

-rwxrwx— 1 mark 33920192 Jun 23 18:23 AppImageUpdate-x86_64.AppImage

-rw-r–r-- 1 mark 5020 Dec 31 1969 org.mozilla.Thunderbird.png

-rwxrwx— 1 mark 82097344 Jun 22 16:28 Thunderbird-91.10_20220525135609.AppImage

mark@mark-VirtualBox /media/mark/TBird Linux $ AppImageUpdate-x86_64.AppImage

AppImageUpdate-x86_64.AppImage: command not found[/code]


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Thank you. As seen by the terminal output I posted, the appimage is executable. This issue together with the ‘Gtk-CRITICAL’ errors (Launch, but errors) prompts me to forego using appimage. Good fortune with your project though.

– Mark.

What happens if you add ./ in front?

$ ./AppImageUpdate-x86_64.AppImage

As for Gtk, let’s discuss in Launch, but errors.