How to create an AppImage?

Because i dont find it, yesterday. but let my try it :smiley:

WARNING: appstreamcli is missing, please install it if you want to use AppStream metadata
SOURCE is missing

Its the same thing :frowning:

This is just for Terminal, or have a GUI / Front-End ???

You need to supply the <SOURCE> argument.

Can you give me an example, please ?
How i do should use it ?

Please send a link to the application you are trying to package, then I can give you step-by-step instructions. If it is a proprietary application, do you have/can you make a demo version.

Manual compile of :

Since there is no Travis CI build or other binaries, I tried with zdoom instead and it works well for me with the following zdoom.yml file.

app: zdoom
union: true

  dist: precise
    - deb precise main universe multiverse
    - deb precise-updates main universe multiverse
    - deb stable multiverse
    - wget -c
    - unzip freedoom-*.zip
  - mv -f opt/zdoom/* usr/bin/
  - mkdir -p usr/share/games/doom
  - mv ../freedoom-*/* usr/share/games/doom/

You can use this to generate an AppImage on any deb-based system like this:

wget ""
bash -ex Recipe zdoom.yml

1 - im use GzDoom, for the OpenGL Support, zDoom don’t have OpenGL support

2 - I don’t use Debian or Derivates ( less Ubuntu because is very buggy and glitchy on my pc its impossible to use it )

3 - The Apps i wanna try to make it portable, are manual compile, like :

GitHub -> Gens2 ( Sega Emulator )
GitHub -> GzDoom-GPL ( GzDoom Fork, becase Gloome is dead )
Codeplex -> Pcsxr Stable
Git -> Pcsx
GoogleCode -> Snes9x-gtk (version ; 1.51-78)

You don’t have to use Debian, or its derivatives to run AppImages. But the infrastructure I use to put them together is using Debian and Ubuntu so far (e.g., the example given above). There is nothing preventing you from creating AppImage using other systems though, e.g., the Subsurface AppImage is put together on CentOS 6.

Can you give me an example without use a packages files in : deb, rpm, tgz, txz, flatpak, snap.

Just using the binary files, please ?

i am not using others systems, i not using Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows, i am using GNU/Linux, my idea for use AppImage, is for made more ease usage of application under any GNU/Linux distributions.

Where do I get the binary files from? Compile myself?

Yes, or if you want i can send you a version compile by me under
Slackware64 14.2.

Or well, you can use a precompiled binary of some Linux App. i just need an example how i make an AppImage file using Binary and libs for solve dependency.

for example for solve dependency i can use something like

Kernel=$(uname -s)
case "$Kernel" in
    Linux)	        Kernel="linux"					;;
    Darwin)	        Kernel="mac"					;;
    KFreeBSD)	Kernel="freebsd"				;;
* ) echo	"Your Operating System -> IT'S NOT SUPPORTED"	;;

Architecture=$(uname -m)
case "$Architecture" in
    x86)	Architecture="x32"						;;
    i?86)	Architecture="x32"						;;
    amd64)	Architecture="x64"						;;
    x86_64)	Architecture="x64"						;;
* ) echo	"Your Architecture '$Architecture' -> IT'S NOT SUPPORTED."	;;

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$PWD/.libs_$Architecture/$Kernel"

On the launch script

Can you provide debs for Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty) in a ppa or repository? Then it would be easy for me to make an AppImage, and give you a script so that you can do it yourself.

No, because i dont use Ubuntu, for the reasons i say before
1 - Is very unstable
2 - is very Glitchy
3 - Is very buggy
4 - Is extremly slowpoke (On my machine 45 mins to reach Lxde Desktop)

Why someone wanna a software make it from that ???
It not possible to use Binary files directly for make AppImage File ???

it is possible, but it is more work - see how the Krita and Subsurface AppImages are built on CentOS 6 for example.

Can you build your software on Travis CI?

Where i can find the information about how Krita and Subsurface Appare Built ?
and why build on Travis CI, this software is for what ???


Hi, can you tell me the necessary steps (in detail please) to convert an app into the appimage format?

I use KDE Neon (based on Ubuntu 16.04), which only works with 64bit and there is no way to install 32bit old software like Adobe Reader for Linux.

The application I would like to convert (to use if needed) is Adobe Acrobat for Linux.

Get the Deb from here:

Dependencies for Adobe Reader


Thanks so much.

Please ask Adobe to provide Adobe Acrobat for Linux as an AppImage.

The debs you posted are 32-bit - are there 64-bit ones, too?
Practically every Linux distribution comes with a PDF reader out of the box, so there may not be much interest in Adobe Reader for Linux.

Thanks for the answer.
I’m sorry, I understand that my request is a bit annoying. And I understand also that Adobe would have no interest in answering me if I asked them to provide old Acrobat Reader for linux as AppImage. Moreover, in all these years they have not shown interest in updating their Linux version.

But I know there are numerous PDF readers under Linux, my favorite is Okular but I have a problem with documents that have legal value and that I can not read and print with any software under Linux (I tried them all)l. I also tried Master PDF Editor (which is very efficient) and Foxit Reader (which is also available under Linux) but none of them works with XFA modules. Only Acrobat can read them and print.

Unfortunately I have this problem. Under Wine Acrobat works very badly, freeze continuously. I downloaded and tried practically all the versions and combinations, even with the PlayOnLinux scripts. Does not work.

Unfortunately, Adobe has abandoned Acrobat Reader for Linux and has never created a 64bit version.

This is the reason for my request.


Hi there again, right now i am using “Devuan Jessie”. in some part of site or forum.

you have a tutorial for make packages without debs ???
just binary files.