How to Create an AppImage of Evolution 3.24

I am running Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon, and use Evolution for my email. The latest version of Evolution available for Mint is, but the latest stable Evolution is 3.24. I tried building Evolution 3.24 but the Gnome 3.24 dependencies are incompatible with Mint 18.2. It will be at least a year before a version of Mint is released with Gnome 3.24. So I thought to install another Linux distribution in a virtual box, one that supports Gnome 3.24, and then build Evolution 3.24 there as an AppImage to hopefully run on my current Mint 18.2 system. Is this feasible? If so, which distribution would be best as a build environment?

Any that have the desired GNOME version will do really. If you can expect one thing from a Linux distro, is that it’ll have it’s build environment setup all in order.

Ok, good, but if the result won’t run on Linux Mint 18.2, because it’s based on an earlier release of Debian, then it isn’t worth the effort for me.

It should work as long as you are building on a distribution no newer than the one you want to run the AppImage on.

But best is to ask the Evolution developers to provide an official AppImage.

Yes, I suggested that on the Evolution user mailing list, but there didn’t seem to be much interest.