How to address fuse3 and fuse conflicts

I had an complaint made on our product recently that there is a conflict with 22.04 and older buntus because of fuse3 and fuse. They say that apt can handle this, but there are problems.

sudo apt-get -y install libfuse2

or use the static AppImage, see Statically linked runtime · Issue #877 · AppImage/AppImageKit · GitHub on that. E.g., GitHub - probonopd/go-appimage: Go implementation of AppImage tools. Still experimental appimagetool uses that.

Fuse is a big problem and crashing people’s Ubuntu systems because installing fuse installs fuse3.

To fix this, I build the AppImage and then I extract it with --appimage-extract.
Then I rename the extracted stuff and then zip and ship that.

The user can then just unzip and click. No need permissions. no need fuse. No need anything. It just works!

However, I’m interested in the static AppImage.
I’ll try to figure out the links you sent me.
Our app also needs libsqlite3-dev It would be good if I could include that in the shipped product as well. How to do that?

Can you maybe make idiot instructions for me and others?
What would be the command to type and download.

Currently I use these commands in my build scrip on DigitalOcean

# Download the AppImage tool

chmod +x appimagetool-x86_64.AppImage

# Build the AppImage
ARCH=x86_64 ./appimagetool-x86_64.AppImage TipitakaPaliReader.AppDir/ tipitaka_pali_reader.AppImage

appimagetool will use the static runtime by default soon: