Help to build a AppImage on my Expresseur freeware project

I have a freeware on github ExpresseurV3 for my project Expresseur
It seems to be OK for Mac and Windows.
It works on Linux. But it is not packaged at all. I would like to use AppImage to package it.
But I need help to start this new world AppImage…

Status :
I have a GNUmakefile which builds a directory where all the ressources are (expresseur / I have to run the application expresseur, using a terminal, under this directory, with the command-line “./expresseur”. Then, it works fine …

Technology :
wxwidgets framework, which build native GTK user-interface ( & Windows & Mac).
LUA and RtMIDI are C++ which are embeded-linked within the exe.
external dependencies : un4seen sound libraries for Linux (& Windows & Mac)
the GNUmakefile (made for Linux & MacOSx ) builds :

  • two libraries : and basslua/basslua.dylib
  • two exe : expresseur (graphical User Interface GTK ), and expresscmd (command-line tool)

Question :
how to start an appImage ?
I see plenty of methods… I have difficulty to see where to start with my status…
If somebody can help ? ( I can pay a little bit if necessary , for the service )

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Hi Franck,

thanks for joining here.

Can you make your project build on Travis CI?

Then we could use something like linuxdeployqt to turn it into an AppImage.