Flatpak -> AppImage

The latest post in this Discourse seems to be October last year (2020), does this mean that AppImage is defunct?

If not, I have a Flathub app but I like the idea of AppImage. Taking this principle from the home page of your website “…without having to build for gazillions of different distributions.” Is there a way to use/convert a Flatpak to an Appimage or a Flatpak manifest to an AppImage manifest?

If not, have you an example I can copy of an AppImage manifest for a Python app with

  • No dependencies (apart from Python itself)?
  • With another AppImage as a dependency?
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No, it means that no one had any questions since then. (But I do see much newer entries…)

When I looked into Flatpak the last time, everything was so complicated that it is much easier to build what goes into an AppImage from scratch.

Just build your application on the oldest still-supported LTS release of Ubuntu (currently 16.04) and you should be fine.

The trouble with some apps that are on Flatpak is that developers just don’t seem to care about backward compatibility, and draw in all the latest and greatest dependencies that just cannot be taken for granted on all still supported LTS releases of the operating system. Flatpak merely uses nothing from the operating system and ships everything privately, which some people might consider as bloat. (If you really must, you can do the same with AppImages.)