Entire appimage freeze when opening from it file

When I try to open two images from app, then only in AppImage after opening first, the entire UI froze and I must close this image to be able to open next one.
This doesn’t

Binaries to test can be downloaded here -
linux_czkawka_gui - normal binary, needs GTK 3.22+ to be able to run - needs to be opened from command line
linux_czkawka_gui.AppImage - appimage binary, built on Ubuntu 18.04

Instructions which created this appimage -

To reproduce this just create some 2 exactly the same images and scan its directory for duplicates and try open this images by double clicking at them.

Normal binary(correct behavior, I can open multiple files at once)

Appimage - freeze when trying to open two images

Hello @qarmin.

Please extract the contents of the AppImage with --appimage-extract and try again with the extracted AppRun file. If the issue persists, it is not an issue with AppImage but with the application contained therein.

I have submitted the AppImage to the automated test at