Can't run Debreate.appimage created on Ubuntu-18 for Ubuntu-22.04

I created an appimage for Debreate using Simoniz0r’s Deb2Appimage.appimage taken from Github.

I successfully created a Debreate.appimage that ran successfully on Ubuntu 18.04

Deb2Appimage supposedly bundled the dependencies needed to run inside the appimage. I extracted the appimage and they are indeed inside.

On Ubuntu 22.04 the package “python-wxgtk3.0” has been deprecated. Its the only dependencie not found on Ubuntu 22.04

I thought I could make an appimage that would work on newer versions because it already comes with the necessary depencies needed inside the appimage.

I’m not a developer so my knowledge is very basic when it comes to software development. The developer hasn’t updated the project and hence why I tried to make an appimage.

Deb2Appimage was very easy to understand. On Ubuntu 22.04, even after Python2.7 was bundled inside the appimage it still asked for it so I had to install it from Ubuntu’s repo.

Now the problem is that it gives ERROR:
ImportError: No module named site