AppImage from NeutralinoJS project - Missing Dependency

Good day,

I’m using AppImageBuilder to create an appimage for my little application that I’ve used NeutralinoJS to build. I can create the appimage, andit runs on my machine, but when I try to run it on a different machine I get an error that the is missing.

I see it listed in the files listing in my AppImageBuilder.yml file. So not sure how to ensure it’s

  1. Included in my AppImage
  2. Used by my application, versus looking in the host OS for it.

Any help, pointers would be much appreciated.

Hello @bmcgonag, not sure the AppImageBuilder is reading here, so better ask the question over at GitHub - AppImageCrafters/appimage-builder: GNU/Linux packaging solution using the AppImage format.
Hope you will succeed.