AppImage not working

I am using a DietPi distributions and would like to install the app Cuba Studio ( studio-6.10.1.AppImage but this does not work.

This is the error message:
root@DietPi:/bin# sudo chmod u+x studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage
root@DietPi:/bin# ./studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage
-bash: ./studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
root@DietPi:/bin# sudo ./studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage
./studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage: 1: ./studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage: Syntax error: “)” unexpected
root@DietPi:/bin# sudo ./studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage

Any help would be appreciated.

Please report this to the Cuba Studio team. We only make the tools they are using to produce the AppImage.