Vulkan disabled when running 0ad appimage with Intel or AMD chipsets

I’m the maintainer for the 0ad AppImage. Vulkan support has been implemented since 0ad 27 (not yet released but I’m building the images from their svn repo). I build the images in an Ubuntu Bionic docker container. When I run them on my laptop (Intel GPU) with Manjaro installed, 0ad reports that Vulkan has been disabled. On my desktop (NVIDIA GPU) with Manjaro, the Vulkan backend works. Two other people have reported similar results. The ticket is at In some cases, Vulkan may be automatically disabled when using the 0ad svn appimage · Issue #19 · 0ad-matters/0ad-appimage · GitHub

I saw in OpenGL Core Context / Vulkan there might be some clues as to why this is happening.

So far the Vulkan backend works with Intel or AMD when 0ad is built and ran natively…

All I can say is that AppImage does not use any form of sandboxing or virtualization by default; so it is likely a driver/library compatibility issue? Try experimenting with bundling more/less components.

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Thanks @probono I’ll try to get some more info from the 0ad maintainers.