/usr/share inside appimage


I’m using the deb2appimage tool to create a new version of RedDiamond. This version splits some libraries out on their own and it now has a bunch of stuff in a share directory tree.

For Debian and RPM packaging this works just fine. At first run if the database isn’t in the user’s .local/share/blah directory, the editor copies the starter database from /usr/share/reddiamond/database. If they accidentally delete one of the built-in themes or syntax configurations, next time they start the program will recreate it in the database from the proper file.

This no-worky in AppImage. I dutifully have this very tree in the AppImage. I’m not opposed to adding a “second place to look” if someone can tell me the proper runtime path.

Do I really have to also make a call to get the directory of the application executable (“/usr/bin” in the virtual world) and then cd …/share/reddiamond/database?

I’m just asking in case there is a setting I can tweak in the JSON to tell the AppImage to use the internal /usr/share as the official /usr/share