MusE: How to replace a system path for customization

I’m using MusE, an audio production application. You can download the AppImage here. The performance is OK, by the way, I use Debian 11.

In MusE you can modify the sounds it uses for metronome. In its official documentation explains how to achieve this process.

The problem is the path that MusE reads to load custom sounds: share/muse-4.0/metronome

The developers wrote that info for compiled version or versions from OS repositories. Well, I tried two possible paths but I can’t load my sounds:


What is the correct path for AppImage reads my metronome customizations?

That’d be a question for the MusE authors to answer. Just because MusE runs inside an AppImage it is not magically loading things from different paths.

The documentation says:

A few sound samples are bundled with MusE to be used as metronome sound. If you have a favourite metronome sound it is also possible to copy this file as a .WAV to the metronome folder in the local configuration directory $HOME/.config/MusE/MusE/metronome , the supplied metronome samples are placed under the installation directory in share/muse-4.0/metronome .

share/muse-4.0/metronome is not a full path. Do they mean /usr/share/muse-4.0/metronome or $HOME/.local/share/muse-4.0/metronome?