Export Linux AppImage Package - Eclipse plug-in


Just want to mention that I’ve just published on GitHub an eclipse plug-in that builds Java desktop application projects into AppImage packages.

The project link is: https://github.com/brotenet/ide.export.appimage

At this point there is no Eclipse update-site for it available since this is part of a bigger project that I’m working on where I will be releasing an update-site once I’m done with all the plug-ins.
You can download the binary export using the link below -or- checkout the project source and build it in Eclipse RCP edition.

Download link: https://github.com/brotenet/ide.export.appimage/blob/master/readme_resources/ide.export.appimage_1.0.0.201805151429.jar

If you decide to try it then please let me know what you think, and if you found any bugs or things that I should be adding to it.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Hi, thank you very much for letting us know about this exciting project. What is the most straightforward way to test it?

Hello Probono,

Have a look at the steps in the attached image.

Let me know if you need extra help with it.

Hello again Probono,

I have quickly build a small project to help with the testing.

Please follow the steps in the attached images using the project archive export provided on the following link:

  1. Importing the test project

  2. Running the test project

Please let me know if you need extra help with it.

Note: Have in mind that this is still in Alpha and I’m still finding and fixing bugs.

Hi again… :slightly_smiling_face:

Just fixed a major issue with the manifest file.

If you tested the plug-in and failed it’s because it was not generating the MANIFEST.MF file correctly.

I have updated all the links in my previous posts to reflect the new plug-in binary .jar as well as added the link for the test project

Very cool. Thank you @brotenet. This will certainly help to make more Java applications available as AppImages.