Dependency looks for system version

Hey there, this is my first foray into programming and I have just made a small bash script that does some system maintenance stuff, (I’m not using any 3rd party tools to package as an appimage, just another small script I made myself that points appimagetool to it). The only problem is that it requires zenity which is not installed on the target OS (manjaro) by default, so in the appimage spirit I tried to add it to the appimage which was all fine until I tried to launch it and it looked for /usr/share/zenity/zenity.ui which was present in the appimage but for testing purposes I had removed it from my system. how can I get zenity to look for these files in the appdir? any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Hello @squidink7. Can you post the shell script? Thanks!

Update: It turns out I didn’t set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, fixed now.