Create appimage for cliqz or script file

If not allowed please Delete…
Anyone interested in helping an old man out here?
I need “cliqz.en-US.release.x86_64.deb” converted to an appimage.
yes i know its discontinued and probably be a security risk but still would like to have a copy converted
and so would several of other people i assume. and i know all these other browsers are wonderful and do everything,
The developers have abandoned it and no response from them in any way.
the conversion process is way more than i can understand
i have the deb package backed up if it is not available anywhere
Would it not be great to have a Script to turn any .DEB package into an appimage, stopping and asking for the appropriate needed parts.
.Maybe such utility already exists?

We are always happy to help the developers of applications who want to turn their applications into AppImages.

But in this case there seems to be no active developer.

Which means we would have to guess how it is supposed to work, and even if we succeeded making an AppImage, no one would be supporting it.

So we’d need to find someone who would be willing to continue development and support of that abandoned application.