Can I run above 30 Appimage together

I want to use Appimage for my linux distro in my day life but i ask if i can run above 30 Appimage or more in one time thanks and i hope to reply my question and sorry for bad English

Sure, why not? I use AppImages for everything.

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Thanks very much and I have another question if i have application run on mac and (linux as Appimage) is the Appimage has the huge size or mac application??? and sorry for bad English

I am not sure if there is a general answer to this question, but for my application (Based on Qt and C++) I get the following sizes:

macOS DMG file: 13.8 MB
Windows 64-bit installer: 27.8 MB
Windows 32-bit installer: 23.7 MB
Linux 64-bit AppImage: 20.7 MB
Linux 32-bit AppImage: 20.8 MB

I hope this helps.


Just check the sizes of some of the AppImages out there. E.g., compare the download size of a LibreOffice AppImage with the deb, rpm, Mac and Windows versions of LibreOffice.

It is worthwhile to note that deb, rpm, Mac and Windows versions take up (much!) more space on disk when they are installed compared to the size of the download. With AppImage, the size of the AppImage is the same size as the download because the AppImage does not have to be installed/unpacked on the system.

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