Appimage use PostgreSQL from host?

I am thinking about creating an AppImage of Xpns-It-Cs once I finish creating Debian and RPM packages. (Normally convert a .deb for my appimage.)

The problem is Xpns-It-Cs relies on PostgreSQL already being installed and configured on the host. We just connect to the database server. The user must already have an account within the PostgreSQL instance.

Is this considered acceptable in the AppImage world?

You’d need to bundle PostgreSQL inside your AppImage, and write a custom AppRun script that would run the database before the application is started (and exit the database when the application quits).

AppImages must not depend on anything else than what comes with most Linux distributions in the default installation, to ensure that users never need to use a package manager and/or need to download additional stuff in order to run an AppImage.

Okay. Since that is not how PostgreSQL works anywhere, this won’t be an AppImage.

Thanks for the reply.