AppImage OBS Integration


MirrorBrain has native zsync support, we should check this out:


After some experimentation here is my first Qt application built on OBS using linuxdeployqt which appears to be working:

Workarounds needed (PRs welcome!):

  • symlink /usr/bin/qmake
  • run find/patchelf commands to work around linuxdeployqt issues
  • create qt.conf for reasons unbeknownst to me (SUSE Qt seems to ignore qt_prfxpath)

Details on


Now, why is this ignored?



this sounds interesting



Last weekend, @adrianS and I officially announced OBS support for AppImage at the openSUSE Conference 17. The video is now online:


Kudos to @adrianS for all the heavy lifting!

Updated instructions at


HOLY CRAP! I just watched the video where rbrown talks about this in his Jurassic Park talk so this is freaking awesome news!

Edit: @probono unfortunately that video for the announcement is saying it is not available.




Executive Summary:

And although we feel that Richard may have been a bit too harsh with or friends at Canonical and Red Hat we are delighted to hear that Richard likes our user experience:


I watched the rbrown video, I was referring to this video. -


ok cool, thanks for the fixed link. Watching now. :slight_smile:


My patch was accepted by adrian, now OBS can create AppImages with AppRun, before OBS was only adding AppRun for binaries not when building by source.