Alter AppImage v1, convert to v2?

I have an AppImage in v1, the freeware Scrivener beta with support libraries to make it run on pretty much any Linux system. Unfortunately it’s bundled with some rather sub-par dictionaries, and I tried replacing them with better ones.

But, I can’t figure out how to take the AppImage apart and put it back together again. I made some feeble attempts to unpack it, and then re-pack it using the new tools, but things have changed a lot since this AppImage was made and I have no idea how to make it work.

The AppImage in question is available here:

The version it is based on, and the license, such as it is, can be found here:

Note that it relies on some by now very old libraries.

L&L have given permission to the original creator of the AppImage to distribute it freely. Unfortunately that site is now down, and I haven’t managed to contact the creator of the AppImage.

You just want to take the AppImage apart, alter it and convert it to an AppImage type 2 if I’m reading correctly?

Type 1 AppImages are ISO disk images, so you should be able to mount or extract them using the same tools that you would for normal CD/DVD images. To build it into a type 2 AppImage, you need to download AppImageTool (available here: Release Continuous Build · probonopd/go-appimage · GitHub) and then to use it, run ‘ARCH=x86_64 ./appimagetool… [extracted type 1 directory]’