Not that fast! This stuff just doesn't work!

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At this time linux does require a bit of knowledge to do some thngs. But you DON’T need to run command line in the terminal to make a program executable, I’ll explain in a moment.

What would be of great help to people that would like to help is that you post what the error message said. So try again, as you’ve done so far, but this time record the error messages, either by copying from the terminal and pasting into a post, or at least making a screenshot and post that.

You can make a program executable from any file manager. Navigate to the appimage. Select it. Right-click, then choose properties from the menu. The properties window should then have a tab called “permissions” or similar, go that page and you should have a simple check box that says something like “allow this file to be executable”.

Linux, for newbies, can be frustrating. Hell, computers in general can be frustrating. Hang in there, it is possible to do almost all you need without the command line. But I will say, that any time spent learning command lines, piece by piece, as opportunity arises, will pay you back in the future.

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Some people will say the way you wrote this post doesn’t deserve an answer, but I was in your shoes 3 decades ago with vi on an HP Apollo. Be Nice, it just works better, but I get your frustration

Whoever told you to use chmod a+x Subsurface*.Appimage shouldn’t be teaching you to use the shell. If you do not fully understand what a command will do: DO NOT copy and paste it into your shell!!! This is doubly true if it contains the word “sudo”. When I learned unix there was no easy way, it was frustrating and difficult. I suggest spending 10 dollars on a curated intro course (since you are obviously motivated) and learn how (I’m not endorsing this course, but it has 4.4 stars, and Udemy is better than random crap on the web)

(Using Linux Mint with the Mate desktop)
I went to and downloaded

When it downloaded I right clicked on the application, clicked “Properties”, clicked “Permissions” tab, clicked the checkbox “Execute: Allow executing file as program”, closed the dialog box, and double clicked the AppImage and the program started.

That is the advertised procedure. It worked for me, it works for everyone else…

BTW: is not an AppImage but is an AppImage. Try that instead.

Hi @runbux.
Please post those error messages.
Without knowing the errors we cannot help you.

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Seriously? good luck buddy.