How to include editable files in AppImage?

I am building few Appimages and need your tips.

I am now packing Limbo Game as Appimage(for myself to learn).The Game saves Savegame in Directory named Data which must be packed inside AppDir. After packing the game as Appimage,the savegame textfile in AppDir can’t be overwritten.Therefore, I want Savegame to be in other location like ~/.config/ .How can i Do that ?

Use the ln -s command to link to ~/.config/ This saves the data in ~/.config.

AppImage files are read-only by design. This means that you have to, upon first launch of your application, copy the relevant files to a writable location.

Can you explain in detail. If i softlink now,it searchs for hardcoded path

That will create a “work only on my system issue” as the resulting link will be /home/<user>/.config/, so don’t do that.

HARD CODE PATHS are EVIL. Apps should never rely on them (except for /proc, /dev and other paths to system resources). You should teach your app to load its settings from $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/<org.appname>/settings.txt

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Also, creating a link does not solve this. Upon the first launch of the application, the application needs to copy the files to writable location.