AppImage OBS Integration

Yea that could work. I’m mostly wondering if it would be possible to have update notifications like most package managers offer so people who’ve gotten used to that approach don’t need to implement both the Windows manual way and the Linux typical repo way.

It could be implemented, e.g., as a plugin for GNOME Software etc., but I am unlikely to implement it since I am not interested in using the system’s infrastructure at all. I just want to download the latest version directly from the upstream software author’s download page.

Check the Subsurface AppImage, for example, it contains a check for the latest version within the application, totally independent from the distribution. I’d rather like to see something like that, combined with AppImageUpdate delta binary updates.

I understand that. I wasn’t suggesting implementation with system stuff more an automation method.

Yea the Delta updates sound like they would be amazing.

Regarding the updating, does Subsurface support auto-notifying of updates or is it manual?

I dont care if I have to engage with the update itself, I just dont want to have to manually check.

For example, if an AppImage checks for an update on run-time or occasionally like once every few runs then that would be fine and it could show a message like “there is an update available for this appimage”. Then I could manually run the update process.

The only issue I have is people might not check if it is left to do it manually . . . well to be honest most people wont check at all especially people who aren’t tech savvy at all.

MirrorBrain has native zsync support, we should check this out:

After some experimentation here is my first Qt application built on OBS using linuxdeployqt which appears to be working:

Workarounds needed (PRs welcome!):

  • symlink /usr/bin/qmake
  • run find/patchelf commands to work around linuxdeployqt issues
  • create qt.conf for reasons unbeknownst to me (SUSE Qt seems to ignore qt_prfxpath)

Details on

Now, why is this ignored?


this sounds interesting


Last weekend, @adrianS and I officially announced OBS support for AppImage at the openSUSE Conference 17. The video is now online:


Kudos to @adrianS for all the heavy lifting!

Updated instructions at

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HOLY CRAP! I just watched the video where rbrown talks about this in his Jurassic Park talk so this is freaking awesome news!

Edit: @probono unfortunately that video for the announcement is saying it is not available.

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Executive Summary:

And although we feel that Richard may have been a bit too harsh with or friends at Canonical and Red Hat we are delighted to hear that Richard likes our user experience:

I watched the rbrown video, I was referring to this video. -

ok cool, thanks for the fixed link. Watching now. :slight_smile:

My patch was accepted by adrian, now OBS can create AppImages with AppRun, before OBS was only adding AppRun for binaries not when building by source.

What happened to AppImage in OBS? Most of the examples have either been deleted or are broken. Is anyone maintaining this?
I also can’t find any useful tutorials, etc.

The official AppImage template is still here:

and building. It should be ported to either SLE 12 or Leap 15.1 though, since
42.3 did run out of maintenance.

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Thank you adrianS. Let me know if you need something from our side.

How do I start using to generate a new .AppImage?

Hi @syro please see Please report at in case something is not clear or not working as described. Thank you!

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This is great, I juste started using .AppImage with the Zettlr app
Trying the .AppImage next
Would ultimately like to create my own custom and now I’m in right direction

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Great @syro let us know how it goes.