AppImage containing Windows application and Wine

I have a Windows program (C++ and C#) that I can run on Linux via Wine with a little effort. I have seen that others have produced AppImages containing a Windows program using Wine and would like to do the same.

Can you point me to a good example that I could study to achieve this?


That is absolutely doable, just bundle Wine and the app you want to run into the AppImage. The AppImage on does this, for example.

In fact, depending on the complexity of your app, it may be sufficient to bundle a subset of Wine (to be determined by tools like strace or cde). I did this a couple of times but haven’t done a writeup of the steps so far.

On there are instructions; however I did not try them. Let me know how it goes.

Someone at seems to be working on the same.

Thanks Simon, those links look ideal.

I see the AppImage format with Wine as being a great way to distribute Windows application for Linux. I know that a lot of users find getting applications working with Wine a bit of a pain and want something that just works.

When I find time I shall have a go at packaging my application.


Have you had luck getting this working?

I’m looking at getting a .NET 4.6 app running in an AppImage - it works pretty well in standard WINE. The difficulty has been packaging the .NET runtime into the AppImage - it seems you can’t just move wine prefixes around and running winetricks on the first run is giving an incomplete .NET install.

I had a quick try some time ago but could not get it to work. It is still on my to-do list though.